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Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! After months of trial and error, I finally found my perfect hoop – perfect size, perfect weight, perfectly beautiful glitter pipe! And it’s a travel hoop so I never have to be without a hoop again! I can’t say enough about your quality craftsmanship, your amazing customer service, and the even more amazing two day turnaround on a custom hoop! I ordered it Wednesday and received it by post Friday morning! And finally, the price is amazing too! In comparison with the prices and turnaround time for hoops in the US (usually about 2 weeks for custom hoops), this experience was beyond my hopes! Again, I can’t thank you enough for creating the perfect hoop for me so quickly and affordably! I will never buy a hoop anywhere else and I will recommend your site to all of my friends that I am slowly getting addicted to hooping... :)


Feel free to use that on your website instead of or along with what I wrote the other day. I know it's long, so feel free to use any part of it too! I've never written a 'review' of something I've purchased, but this hoop is so perfect and it was received so quickly, I had to!  R                                                                                                                          Sept 2011

We received the hoop today in the post. It is absolutely beautiful, the colours are perfect, and my daughter loves it.

Many thanks  Emily                                    Jan 15

Thanks for the amazing job

My hoop arrived today.

I'm really happy about it. The shipping  was so fast! Thanks so much for the professionalism!

I love the material and the quality of the hoop as well.

Thanks again!

Bárbara                         Gracie LED                 April 2015

Just to say my hoop arrived last week and it looks lovely, thank you. Next challenge  - to learn how to use it!

Aruna May 2015

Kate had a 4 part poly hoop for Mazazik community dance troupe at the Manchester day Parade:"The hoop arrived on Saturday, just in time! Worked brilliantly thank you. Would have been a nightmare taking a full hoop on the busy trains, and the bag is great." June 2015

Hi there

I just thought I'd let you know I received my hoop today and it is fantastic. Thank you so much.   Emma            May 2015

Hi Mandy,

I just opened up the package and connected the hoop. Love the tape! Thanks, can't wait to use it!

The travel hoop fit perfectly in my suitcase travelling to the Middle East.    Shereen                                    June 2015


Hi I recently was bought the Gracie led hoop as a gift ( my mum bought it via eBay ) and I wanted to send a quick message saying how happy i am with the hoop it is amazing, I'm very camera shy when it comes to hooping but i am a new UK beauty blogger and i will be featuring the hoop in my July favorites, I do a favourites each month included my favourite beauty products and other things I was loving in that month, and will definetly be including the hoop....... thank u again and I hope to buy another hoop from you soon Lesley xx


                                                               July 2015

Just to let you know, I have received my Gem LED hoop which is fantastic, and I am also enjoying my new yellow polypro hoop I received a couple of weeks ago.  Both are beautifully made and lovely to use.

Thank you very much.

Natalie.                                         July 2015

Hi Mandy, thank you so much for the email and for the wonderful top which I live in!! I have actually included pics of me wearing my top.........!  just wanted to show you how much I love it!! ....... anyway, thanks again, best regards, Heidi

Hoodie Top                                                Sept 2015

I have my hoop and it's amazing thank you so much for excellent service and delivery

Ali x                                                    Sept 2015

Gracie LED

Just wanted to say thanks for my hoop, it arrived today safe and sound and looking fabulous :) Have been having a play already, very different from my heavier, bigger hoop but a nice challenge!

Been so happy buying from you, and I'll definitely be ordering again........ Kelly                            Oct 2015

Hello! I have my hoop :) it's fantastic .......and easy, never had a hoop like it, I love it! Going to try out the wicks later on and will try and get a video together at The Masked Ball on saturday in my full UV green attire. Thank you so much it's perfect :)

R                                                                      Oct 2015

Hi. Yeah my hoops have arrived. Thank you so much. Love them, love the hoop bag and love the pressie. The bum bag is totally what I needed. I will take the hoops to my lesson tonight so hopefully you may get some orders. Thanks again. Sally xxx                                                Nov 2015


I received my hoop today and I love it! Thankyou so much it is perfect! Also huge thanks for the Christmas present you put in for me. You provide excellent service and I will definitely order from you again and recommend you to my friends :) Thanks again! Lucy M  Nov 2015

Hi Mandy

Thank you for my hoop. I absolutely love it. Please pass my thanks and admiration onto your hoop maker too. Its beautifully made. And thanks again for your brilliant customer service. I really appreciated your efforts to get me my hoop!! I really hope the original one made it's way back to you.  Thanks again  Sophie


NB Sophie's original hoop was lost with My Hermes !!                                     Jan 2016

Wanted to say thank you to you and your team for Sending a marvelous LED hoop I received it for my main Christmas present and honestly it's the best thing I've ever had I can't wait to use it in the dark tonight and I'm going to be taking it on holiday with me In the new year. It's one of my favourite things to do. Also thank you so much for the complementary yoga pants my favourite comfy Clothes To wear. Thank you so much have a nice Christmas I will be sure to send you some videos of me hooping soon!   Merry Christmas  flo, 14  Dec15

Hoop arrived this morning and it's awesome! I am doing a hoop dance performance next week and will get training with this beauty straight away. Heck, bet I don't even need to bother with the dancing as they'll be blown away if I simply switch on the hoop and play with the remote! Will try get a video I can send you. Many thanks for an excellent job - as always                                 Kate.                        January 2016


I got the hoop safe and well today and it's working perfectly - I can't thank you enough! :-) Thank you so much for everything and for getting it sorted and back to me so quickly,   Nadiah xx    Jan 2016

Just to let you know the hoop is perfect and the new owner absolutely loves it! Thank you  Toni

Super Euphoria Hoop Jan 16

Hi Mandy, The hoop has just arrived & have already tried it out. My boy is going to love this for his birthday, which is on 27th & he will be 7. One of my relatives had 1 of these hoops & he absolutely loved it, he is an amazing Hooper. Many many thanks & I will definitely recommend you to family & friends.    Emma x  Feb16

Hey Rainbow Hoops, just wanted to post a vid for anyone thinking of buying from you. Get one, don't delay. I love my hoop, and the price! Thank u so much for helping me get my glow on!! well worth the money, I will be back for more    EJ with a pixie Hoop                                                            Feb 2016

I started this morning - 5 min bursts - and have just done 100 circles!!! Can't believe it. Not very stylish, but for someone who's never been able to hoop before, that's a serious achievement. Of course, studying the internet, and your really fun site, I now know why it was hopeless before, and designed to fail before one even started - but that's in the past - this is now - and I'm loving it.

THANK YOU!! Jeanne

PS I forgot to say - the hoop is really pretty, and the taping is ace - thank you for that!    May 2016

Just to let you know that my parcel arrived safe and sound! Sorry for the late message - I have just been so busy playing with my new hoop! It's exactly what I wanted, I am in love with it and haven't put it down since i got it.

Brilliant service.                                             M   July 2016

"Just a big thank for my lovely LED Hoop.  Love it.   Purchase was extremely easy and  communication excellent.  Would recommend and looking forward to purchasing again". Y July 16

Just thought you'd like to see a little video of my new rainbow hoop!! Its the Becki that I bought a few weeks back. Im so pleased with it, thank you!! X   Becky Bruce-Radcliffe  July 2016

Hoop has arrived safe and sound. It's beautiful, thank you!  Can't wait till the sun goes down :D

I spent all last night playing with it and saving my favourite settings. I'm in love with it :) and was such a bargain. Can't thank you guys enough, I finally have my led glow :D

Jamie won her SMART hoop on an eBay auction!                                                                 Aug 2016

Hi Craig and Mandy Thank you so much for the fast delivery of my hoop. Can't wait to get it going!

Thank you for this personal email, feels like I made a really good choice with the supplier I chose

 Johanna                                                                                                                   Sept 2016

Christmas 2016

Have taken delivery this morning of the hula hoop I ordered. It looks fabulous and I'm sure my daughter will love it.

Many thanks for your great service.  Best wishes  J


The hoop arrived today, I was advised by the mrs that it should be taken out of the box and un curled immediately, well bang goes keeping it for her Christmas present, lol. I can happily say that she is over the moon with it. And the grin on her face is like a five year old. Thank you once again.  Kind regards Tim


Emma's collected the hoop today and is absolutely thrilled with it - Thanks so much, Mandy - what a lovely service you offer!  C

The hoops arrived yesterday.

Many thanks to you, the order and your service were excellent! The hoops are working well and they look fantastic! :)

I wish you a bright spring and I recommend you absolutely to my colleagues!

Best regards, Tanja from Finland                                                                                                                     April


Really do love (the Fairy Pixie) so much! Will 100% recommend you to all my hoop friends and will be buying from you again in the future! ......

If there is anywhere you'd like me to leave a review or something I'd be happy to!  

Sadie                                                                                                                                                                   Jan 2017

Our hoops came and they are perfect!  Thank you.  My husband is a pretty good photographer so I'll be able to get you some good shots next time we go out with them.

Thanks again for the great service!.   Natalie    Aug 17

My hoop arrived today and I'm absolutely thrilled with it, thank you! It's my first LED hoop and I've been looking forward to this for a long time. Your speedy service, excellent packaging and information sheet all add to this experience being a good one. I've posted a quick video on Instagram, where I am @Hulagran. If you see it, please excuse the complete absence of finesse, but I was very over excited! I will be recommending you wholeheartedly to other hoopers.  Christine      Oct 17

Thank you for the wonderful LED hoops. They are well made, solid and reliable but most importantly, they look so lovely.


Both are beautiful in their own different way and they look incredible in a weave together.


Really happy with my purchase.


Thanks again, Nigel.   Christmas 2017

So so so so so happy with the service you provided ! Thank you so much  Elli Feb 2018