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What Size, What weight ?

        Two Questions to ask . . . . . .

Are you new to hooping or a seasoned hooper?

What do you want the hoop to do?


For new hoopers: Don't bother measuring yourself !  I'm small and use a large hoop....

i need to hoop slowly.

Ask. . . . what hoop have you used before and succeeded with ?     Have that.

Not used a hoop before ?  

Start with a large one, you'll soon want a smaller one as you progress.

Get success now and you will succeed in the long run

We offer 36" 19mm hoops as the largest option and the most popular.

Remember the bigger the better.

A larger hoop rotates slower allowing more time to learn the moves.



A strong tubing is essential to maintain the circle.  


But there is a balance between rigidity and flexibility......

cheap children's hoops are not rigid enough and too flexible. Ideal for learning off body stuff in a class that's all

Good for multi hoop use by excellent hoopers


Please note how we measure

Hoops are  OD (outside to outside diameter).

36 inches is 92 cm.

38              97 cm.

40            102 cm.

Or thereabouts


Our Pipe is 19.5mm Diameter


Travel  or poly pro pipe 

The travel  pipe is best for smaller hoops  if you want a more rigid hoop, or a more flexible large hoop...Your choice.

But travel pipe is best for travelling with and so very robust.


The  poly pro is the most rigid and the lightest

Poly pipe will hoop so much faster !

Ideal for off-body work and fast tricks



are sold as:

85 cm which is less than 34"


90cm which is less than 36"


Weight of Hoops


Naked hoop pipe in 34":

Travel 300g

Poly 240g

LED Hoops without tape and batteries

38" travel in 25mm are up to approx. 600g

36" travel in 19mm are between 360 - 425g

34" travel in 19mm 325 - 375g

Depending on how many lights !



85cm in travel pipe with 4 insitu batteries + inner tape



85cm in travel pipe with no tape or battery




Many hoops profess to make hooping easiler and offer you the slim body of a dancer with the addition of weight .  What's that all about ?

Weighted hoops often use a cumbersome pipe or add balast which pulls against your body or includes an inner lumpy edge to massage

DO NOT BUY THESE for General Hooping !!  

Too many hoopers have been bruised and hurt by the excess weight not only on the midriff but elsewhere as this heavy thing hurtles onto knees and into arms and shoulders. If you want success buy a quality hooping hoop with the correct dimensions for you and use it repeatedly.

USE WEIGHTED HOOPS safely in the GYM only as a toning prop !!

See the discussion at FaceBook: Campaign for Safe Hooping