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Travel Hoops

Travel hoops have a button which allows the hoop to open

so it can curl down  to 20" - 22".

Do not curl a hoop less than 34" and re-attach

Always store in a big round  


MAY 2017:

Hoops with tape on have been removed from sale due to falling sales numbers, LED hoops only are available now


Care must be taken when collapsing and opening the TRAVEL HOOP! When fully open, your hoop is securely held together with a silver button. Use only your finger tip or finger nail to depress the button...

To Open:

With the button upper most and one foot holding both coils on the floor, press down on the ‘button’ pipe so it is more horizontal. Then slowly and carefully pull the pipe apart. The pipe might spring back a little so be aware and pull the hoop into a big hoopy shape.  Remove the extender from the poly hoop.

To Collapse:

Put the extender onto the poly hoop, then operate just like a travel hoop.

Press the button down whilst holding the middle of the hoop firmly on the floor with your foot.

 Re-coil both ends, whilst holding the hoop on the floor with your foot.

When they have passed half way turn the hoop upside down and using your foot to hold both hoop coils, again pull up both ends until they meet crossing over one coil. Then re-join the pipe attaching the popper again. On LEDs either hole will do.


POLY PRO hoops will curl down 36" ideally, and then only for short times

LEDs do have a popper button to open and polys are made with them too.

To keep your poly hoop in it's best circularity keep large, if you need to curl it  Ideally DO NOT re-attach, unless you have the EXTEND-A-POLY option. Without it just tape it together in 2 unjoined circles. (See Below)

johns collapsibles wrapped poly

          PLEASE NOTE: To Regain Circularity

Poly pipe, especially, does not like to be curled for long,  poly's need to be stored in a big circle and then hooped. Don't try to bend or force the pipe, to attain a better shape, you can lie it down, in a big circle, in the warming (not blazing) sunshine or in a warm room to gently heat through and then hoop with the slightly warmed pipe.

If resistant to the gentle approach try this tip: Whilst in a big hoop tape across the hoop, forcing it into a better circle as the postal picture below illustrates.

But, very rarely are plastic hula hoops a true circle and then they become more elliptical during hooping action as they are pulled by centrifugal force and revert again to a more circle shape afterwards.

Your hoop is more fluid than you think!

round hoop packed round hoop packed

   Hoop Pipe in hot climates

If you are taking your hoop on holiday, do remember the heat can make pipe weaker causing it to snap more easily.