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The last Super Zen LED Hoop


The last Super Zen 20  LED lights with a twirl of tape, each is made using a unique variety of hyper strobing multi colour lights with single colour stobes too and slow  colour changing LEDs  truly magnetic hula hoop !  
We recommend buying a spare battery for extreme brightness with this amazingly stunning hoop.
This LED hoop is  hand made  in 34” poly pipe

With  a pop-it opening and  supplied with a specialist recharger battery kit for an even brighter hoop.
All made to CE standard.  36" travel S.Zen weighs 390g with a battery and with tape
For more information check out the All about hoops pages
We require a phone number for the courier.
Please note: the photo is taken with a slow shutter action for maximum action and each hoop looks differently every moment. Each hoop has a slightly different light pattern too.