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Welcome to our bargain basement or clear away shop :)


Single wick   £19.50 includes UK mainland post


These are quality fire wicks for our 19mm

travel And poly hoops.

They are detachable and easily transported.

Attach to your Rainbow Hoop anytime.

Made in the UK with quality components.


Wick is 50mm wide

Stands 5" or 130mm from the hoop.

We have 3 left !



I have 5 yoga mat bags left, we sold them with our 4 part hoops, but i use them for my yoga mat !!!

There's a gold

a blue/green one with gold motif

a forest green with silver

a turquoise

and lastly a purpley bluey one with patterned material

They are £7 each including UK post

Just let me know which one you want


round hoop packed Buy yoga bag IMG_0717 Yh bag standing Bendy wicks Buy Wick