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Hoops for Children


All our hoops comply with

Safety of Toy’s Directives:

BS EN 71 (2005) and BS EN 71-3 (1995)

Ideal for schools and children’s clubs

We were awarded with the CE compatibility in

April 2010 for our bound hoops and in January 2011

for our LED hoops. Our hoops were Lab. Tested.

Buy with confidence !

We still make to the same standard and style.

Hoops Not suitablefor children under 3 years

These hoops are all made with 19mm  or 25mm hoop pipe

Safely and securely fastened with a popper

They are reasonably weighted to allow the children success in all hooping moves.

Sold in sizes to allow for the variations in child size.

They are bound with hardwearing vinyl and gaffer tapes


LED hoops have the same attention to detail, have rechargeable battery option to keep costs down and pop-it opening for adults to access the battery compartment.

Our hoops are ideal for organised hooping activities

out of the home.

Covered in vinyl and gaffer tapes

and in the colours of  your school / club.

Hooping adds a modern interest to physical activities.

We can deliver to the Worcester area, with our van

or send at a competitive price with courier services.

NB.Our hoop prices are much dearer than the school

supplied plastic hoops, they are hand made for special events !


The product.....

Schools and clubs.....


They are not designed for the rough and tumble

of  a playground's hard surface the tapes may scuff.

All tapes will wipe clean.

Use in the club house or on a grassy field.


There is no specific page for children's hoops

For young children choose from

19mm Bound hula hoops and LEDs  in 34" -36"


For older Teenagers choose

the Adult beginner size in 38" 25mm Travel hoops.

If keen they will soon progress to 36" 19mm hoops and then poly hoops

Please see the other information  on site for these hoops,

available in the 'All about...' section.


For any other questions do not hesitate to ask.

E-mail  info@rainbow-hoops.com