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Hooping for Health

THE Campaign for Safe Hooping  February 2013

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A lively discussion is taking place about the benefits v dangers of weighted hoops

Please have a good read or join in too. The general consensus from the teachers  is . . .  use these items infrequently and with great care. For overall hooping choose a non-weighted hoop.


Weighted hoops Warning

Many hoops profess to make hooping easiler and offer you the slim body of a dancer with the addition of weight .   What's that all about ?

Weighted hoops often use a cumbersome pipe or add balast which pulls against your body or includes an inner lumpy edge to massage

Too many hoopers have been bruised and hurt by the excess weight not only on the midriff but elsewhere as this heavy thing hurtles onto knees and into arms and shoulders. If you want success in hooping  buy a quality hooping hoop with the correct dimensions for you and use it repeatedly.

Weighted hoops are for the Gym Class as a toning tool and under the direction of a trained professional.


Health within the Hoop: Core Hooping


It is well know that any exercise, within your own parameters of ability, will induce an overall benefit in cardio-vascular and general health; mobility and movement plus strength and suppleness.

Therein lies the benefits of hooping….just being more active than you were before will obviously have a positive effect on your global health; whether you use hooping as an expressive or meditative art or as a tool for exercise.

But there is one very unique benefit from core hooping in particular, it is the massage of the lymphatic flow as the hoop travels gently and rhythmically around the body.

The lymph system is a primary part of our circulatory system it works alongside our blood supply, the lymph fluid moves as our bodies do with the involuntary muscle movements of our breathing and gut action for example and also with the voluntary muscle movement we choose to make.

When a hoop is slowly and evenly hooped around our body, then our muscles react to the pressure of the hoop and move too.

The technique should be whatever feels best to you, but, if able, hoop in a controlled and even way, avoiding any areas of pain and breathing deeply and evenly where possible.



Begin hooping on hands above the head, then gently around the neck and bringing the shoulders into the hoop and then allow the hoop to massage the upper arms; by lifting the arms up the hoop rotates around the chest.

Let the hoop gradually make its way down the body to the waist and continue here whilst you meditate or think or just dance.

Slowing the hoop more, allow it to sink down to the hips and farther down to the legs ending at the knees.

For those capable, return the hoop to waist height then lifting it off-body, lie down and hoop around each foot.

For those whose journey has not reached this yet, continue working the hoop up the body to hips waist and chest, then putting the arms inside the hoop, massage the upper arms and on to the neck, finally ending on hands as it started.

Take time to rest afterwards and drink water too, not only to quench your thirst but to aid your body’s cleansing.

This core hooping routine is designed to re-invigorate the lymph system for best results have a lighter hoop that skims the body with the lightest of touches, for newer hoopers avoid neck hooping with a big heavy hoop and work on upper arms down to thighs only.

You are the best judge of what works for you but just be careful.


Happy Healthy Hooping