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Hooping At Everest

Gems Hula Hoops on Mount Everest !!


Here's her message:


I am going to trek to Mount Everest Base Camp from Oct 19th 2014 until approx Nov 1st with my beloved hula hoop.

 Moreover I would like to raise some money along the way for a cause close to my heart, and that of my family's. My Grandma was diagnosed with Alzheimers earlier this year following a stroke, and my Grandad and her recently moved to my parents' city for support. My parents are now trying to run their family business Rainbow-Hoops.com while looking after and caring for my Grandma, and also for my Grandfather. He has lost his wife as her knew her, much like my Mom has lost her mother as she knew her. It's not an easy time for sure.

 I know now how important it is for charities like the Alzheimer's Society to exist, for the families of those afflicted by Alzheimers, who need support, help and information - and so I choose to support them during this crazy adventure of mine.

 I plan to hula-hoop at 5364m altitude, at Mount Everest South basecamp. Video and photo proof to follow! I'll also be handwriting an account of the trek with my hoop, to be published online when I return to civilisation and an internet connection...watch this space!

 Any donation would be more than gratefully received!

 Thank you so much! :-)

 All my love.....Gems xxx


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Gem hooping on snow