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Should you have a hoopy want or need let us know and we'll think about

 a solution ...........

Just email the R&D team . . . .  info@rainbow-hoops.com


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September 19th 2016

CE mark

Hula hoop for kids:

LED and  bound hoops from Rainbow Hoops all made to CE specification for toy regulations.

And Lab tested too !!

Buy with confidence

in a good quality product and a recognized UK maker

Hazel 8

Your Wonderful  Rainbow  Hula Hoops  


Rainbow Hoops :)

The home of


first LED Hula Hoops

josie Clare Spiral with Shambollick theatre

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Our Becky hoop

having fun !

Thanks for sharing:)

EU party hoop victoria

All our hoops are made here in the UK.

Rainbow's  SMART Hoops too,

All at the  

Worcester workshop.


Thanks to Heather for this wonderful video showing  Rainbow's Gracie hoops

and do sponsor her worthy cause :)

Gemma L Williams Heart red large Tina in Exeter Heart red small

Jaimie with her new SMART LED aka Kinetic :)

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in a round

Taped, practise and beginner's hoops from £19 for a one colour hoop :)

Go to Hula Hoop Shop HERE

Just thought you'd like to see a little video of my new rainbow hoop!! Its the Becki that I bought a few weeks back. Im so pleased with it, thank you!! X

Facebook is Becky Bruce-Radcliffe

Jamie original Smart LED union jack Becky hoop from Martin