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Care instructions

L.E.D. Hoops

These need more care than the ordinary hoop.


** Polys need extra care, To keep your hoop in it's best circularity keep large, if you need to curl it just tape it together in 2 unjoined circles.

**DO Not push the button into the hole with something. It will get stuck

**Any excess heat or cold has the potential to weaken the pipe.

**Collapse 19 and 25 mm hoops for the least time possible

       Curling too small in the heat or cold can fracture the pipe.

**Avoid wet and damp conditions!

**Take care if applying extra tape, especially clear tapes, the residue can be harmful to the pipe and the stickiness be transfered to battery and connectors, rendering the hoop unworkable.

**Always follow the upto date information on FaceBook.

Battery Power 

The L.E.D. hoops are powered by one battery:

Always replace with the same type and voltage

Only recharge the batteries which came with the recharger kit.

Take care to use the charger correctly, follow the advice sheet.

Disposables must not be inserted in the recharger


The least the 3.6v will last with super intensity is around 10 hours of continuous use running 20  Changer lights NB strobes and static use more power UV purple most of all .   Rechargeable much less but give a much brighter hoop.

It will last longer if you have intermittent use and fewer lights.

Turn off when not in use: intermittent use will ensure the battery lasts as long as possible.

When the battery is powering down lights will be dimmer and a lot of red will appear in the changers.


See Special information supplied for SMART HOOPS


For Power problems check out the Battery info page :)


For All Hula Hoops

Try to avoid damage to the structure and bindings of the hoop

Do not leave in the hot sun or on a hot pavement or even leaning against a hot radiator

Avoid pulling the hoop

Avoid rough surfaces as the bindings are likely to get scratched and loosened

A fine strip of cellotape will help re-secure loose bindings

Give yourself plenty of space from others and home contents!

Follow the instruction information where supplied.

Travel Hula Hoops:


The little silver button allows you to open up the hoop.

If fully collapsing be aware of the strength of the pipe.

Avoid others when collapsing and re-opening

If it is a tight fit, apply a little vaseline !

Do not bend the pipe it will kink and be irrepairable.

Most of all do not use something to push the button down. Your finger tip should be enough.

The collapsed hoop will be ok with the hoop pipe just pushed OVER the button.

See the travel hoop page for further information

clear inner pipe pipe