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Brightie Giveaway

Brighton Birthday Giveaway  2011

Hello all…many thanks to those of you who made it to Brighton Pier this Saturday.

It has been a most bizarre event. Even from the beginning of the idea, we were unsure:

Would anyone turn up?

Would there be a stampede?

Would non-hooper ruffians run off with the hoops and so on.

But we got into Brightie after an odd train journey, were spotted walking down to the front and then hid out at a seaside bar with coffees until nearer the time, thinking it unfair to go early. As we approached the pier, the lights were on and we realised the right side of the pier, before the arcade had a line of people …..OOOOh!

Sadly, the  security men would not let us onto the pier and offered to impound the hoops for us…we declined and my Rebecca invited the line to come off the pier and meet us at the entrance, this looked tricky and I feared a stampede, but was I wrong…how organised and polite and calm this group of people were and what a credit to Hoopers everywhere.

The password was really funny, we had “Illuminate” whispered and mouthed as if it were a secret code to be passed on with discretion. We were able to give out hoops to each of the group until all had gone, the LEDs first of course, then the Glow Polys and finally the Naked Glitter Polys.

Such joy and happiness was truly heart-warming to see, and those who just missed it, when stocks ran out, were gracious in defeat…I felt terrible and could only offer a voucher gift.

If I could I would have given you all a hoop , i would......but I’m not Mrs. Santa  :(

Thank you for waiting for hours with flasks of tea (you know who you are ! )

and happy hooping to all of you :)   mandy & craig


 "Thanks again to you & you're lovely family for laying on such a wonderful gesture with the free hoops. It was worth the cold to go down there & it bought together another lovely gathering of hoopers. My polypro LED is awesome so thanks again & hope to see you at the next UKHG. Hx"

Thank you so much for my new hula hoop. Loving it!!

Hey guys thank you so much for coming down i am now the very proud and glowing owner of an LED hoop eekk!! Thank you soooo much :D"

6 line moving on 7 hooping 4 a hoop