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 Battery Information Board

June 2012

IF you  put any battery, but especially the fully charged recharger battery, the wrong way around into LED hoops and reverse the polarity, the lights will blow and the pipe will break.

There have been 3 incidents this early summer.

We cannot be held responsible for incorrect use and we cannot fix this type of damage.

Used correctly the hoops and batteries will give years of fun.


                      THIS IS WHAT HAS BEEN SAID:

"while i was having something to eat , relax a bit & think what to do  the battery that was inside one of the hoops which i left in on position but wasn´t working all of the sudden melted & also curved (bended) the hoop a little. This has happened is a mystery".

(All 3 hoops blown up)


"Yes, it was like this from the very beginnig  . . . . ( And a later email). Ok, I admit that I might have put the battery wrong way in the beginning. must have been some misunderstanding in the manual because my english is not perfect"

(1 of 2 hoops blown up)

battery 2 bent pipe

Pictures show hoop pipe buckled with heat and the top of the battery melted

Jan 2013:

As a consequence of last year's inappropriate battery use by a small minority, we have sourced and tested new battery kits which have a safety feature that disables the charger should the battery be inserted incorrectly.

We have also found chipped recharger batteries which have a similar feature.

Even though these products are more expensive we have managed to keep the price the same as the old stock.

But please do remember to put all batteries in, whatever appliance, correctly.

April 2013

There is an art to looking after recharger batteries. They need to go down so far to accept a full charge, but not left on until there is no life in them.

When hoop lights  start going red  OR   OFF   that's the time to charge again.

• If the battery charger shows green on first charging but you know there should be limited power in it, then leave it, the light will change to red after about an hour and finally green again indicating a full charge.

Feb 2014        

The Xtar MP1S  Manufacturer’s Product Description

Lithium-ion battery charger with a single charging bay. Use 3.7 volt lithium-ion batteries only.

Supplied with a  USB Charge Cable  

Note: Always use in accordance with instruction manual and read before first use.

Product Features

Two optional charging currents

Reverse-polarity protection circuit board

Intellegent charging

Low Heat


Operation Temperature: Room temperature 0~40

Input Voltage: 5V DC 500mA



Here's a review we came across:

"I have to say this is an impressive charger, and the green light coming on early for me ( 500mAh ) is not a deal breaker as I will be using it at 250mAh, this is where this charger stands out and will find 99.9% of its use. Its so convenient to have it plugged into the USB port on my computer and the charger right in front of me where I can keep an eye on it."  

Q+A  5th June 2014

Q: Hello, I have just received an xtar charger kit and I'm a little confused by the option to charge the batteries at either 0.25A or 0.5A. Is there a preference with regard to using them in my LED hoops, I don't want to risk damaging my beautiful hoops! Thank you

A: Hi, the symbol before 800mAH means greater than or equal to , so the battery you have is fine for 0.5A and the 14500 number means it is ok for the 0.25A setting. That's what the instructions indicate O.5A being faster that's all. Once the battery has full charge your hoop will shine brightly. Happy charging


SMART HOOPS and Power Oct 2016


If the lights stop and the hoop becomes unresponsive:

1. Open the hoop to stop it, leave it for a moment and then put it back on, it may have got confused just          like your computer does sometimes.

2. Charge the hoop battery: It takes 4-5 hours for a full charge

It lasts approx.. 2 hours dependent on which light selection you have

The light on the charger is red when the hoop has no charge and green when fully charged.

However !!

If the battery is critically depleted it will show green, leave it charging.....it will go red then let it charge until it shows green again.


There are no lights in the battery compartment.

2017: Battery Life


It has been discovered that for Smart hoops if you turn off the hoop with the controller and leave the loose battery in situ, the battery will drain down slightly and sufficiently to cause you problems.

So, the moral of the story is:

Remove all loose batteries from hoops and store carefully.