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LED Lights:   Information

  LEDs are single light bulbs.  There are 4 sorts:

Fast &  slow changer and fader LEDs follow a pre-programmed plan  showing up to 9 different colours,

                        we call these either fast or slow dependant upon the speed they change colour.

Constant LEDs shine with one colour.

These are single pre programmed LED lights, that flash very quickly and can only be seen when the hoop is rotated

* 3, 5 or 7 colours per LED light with either

* pearls of colour & darkness in between


*  the ribbon effect   (a continuous change like the slow & fast)

Here's a tiny selection of strobe hoops

They make amazing pictures!

Strobe LEDs

flash very quickly with  between 3,5 or 7 colours they can only be seen when the hoop is moved

making either  Ribbons of  coloured light or a line of dots.

strobe hand lights on off pipe

Rainbow's LEDs are operated by a

Pop-it system:

Lights on



Lights off




Pipe open

To see all of Rainbow Hoops videos showing individual LED lights and hoops search You tube  

for Rainbow Hoops

It is impossible to do a LED Hula Hoop justice with one still photo, they are a guide only

rbow still

This is Euphoria Hoop with Fast + Slow lights

This is one slow changer LED in real time.


These are lights on a strip which are factory produced

and controlled by a remote controller.


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