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All About Hula Hoops

This section  is a directory all about hula hoops from pipes to lights. Please

read the pages to help make an informed choice



All about  Hoop Pipes: different types of Hula hoops and their uses and talks about Heavy Hula Hoops





All about LEDs :  looks at the different lights in the LED hula Hoop






Travel Hula Hoops : shows how travel hoops work






What Size? Page:

This is all about safely using your hoop from Aerobic Hula Hooping to Dance Hooping and the downside of Power Hula Hoops. For  Hula Hoop classes see Friends page




Battery Information:

Gives guidelines on battery use in the LED hula hoop and safety with battery chargers.




Care Instructions:

General care info for all hoops.




Fire Guidlines:

Do's & Don'ts  put together by experienced Fire Hoopers





Hooping for Health:

How to Hula Hoop for core health

For How to hula hoop and Hula Hoop tricks go to Friends page

Emily Go to All about Hoop Pipe Go to All about LEDs Go to Battery Info Go to Travel Hoops Page Go to Hoop 4 Health What Size ? Go to FIRE Do's & Don'ts Go to Care Info good poly johns collapsibles SAFT battery Mel_6 jane personaltrainer


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