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Hoop  Pipes


A slightly different mix so even lighter than before and clearer too.


Poly needs extra care and is not for rough work as

it can break  and shatter; and as poly is so strong, we are not recommending it for curling

To keep your popper poly hoop in it's best circularity keep large,

Take extra care, we will charge, regardless of when you bought your hoop, if the pipe is smashed or breaks.


Travel hoops

These are available in 19mm & 25mm pipe. This  pipe is a little lighter than ordinary blue water pipe, but much more flexible for curling and allows the tape colours to shine through.

We recommend 25mm for new hoopers wanting a heavier hoop and 19mm is best in small sizes for faster hooping,


The travel piping is sufficiently flexible to curl over and to collapse ideal for robust, travel hoops but without loosing the rigidity for all the hooping moves and tricks.

We do recommend curling 34" or above !


MAY 2015: Hoopmaker is back from the extruder's with our very own and super special travel hula hoop pipe. This unique blend is also more translucent with a fine glitter running through the pipe


MAY 2017: 25mm pipe is no longer available due to reduced requests.


Gems reply !

In answer to your query: which do you prefer travel hoop or poly pro from a hooper's perspective?


I like them both equally for different reasons. The travel hoop simply means you can travel with it, which is useful if you want to travel with your hoop, take it overseas on holiday with you...it's a lot easier to carry a coiled down, small hoop than a large open hoop.


The polypro is good for practicing breaks, reverses, stalls etc as it's less bendy than a travel hoop (more rigid) and is also lighter.


If you are a beginner, start with a travel hoop (as the extra bend and extra weight will help you learn!) and then perhaps move on to a polypro when you have improved. Polypro's are generally considered 'professional' hoops, for professional performers as a lot of complex tricks and techniques can be performed with them a little more slick than with travel hoops.

Travel or Poly ?

Many hoops profess to make hooping easiler and offer you the slim body of a dancer with the addition of weight .  

What's that all about ?

Weighted hoops often use a cumbersome pipe or add balast which pulls against your body or includes an inner lumpy edge to massage

Too many hoopers have been bruised and hurt by the excess weight not only on the midriff but elsewhere as this heavy thing hurtles onto knees and into arms and shoulders. If you want success buy a quality hoop with the correct dimensions for you and use it repeatedly.

For further discussion on this see the FaceBook Group:  Campaign for Safe Hooping and make up your own mind :)

If you still want to use a weighted hoop find a class that uses these types of hoops.

Above all BE SAFE

Weighted hoops ???


We use the same pipe for LED hoops and bound hoops.

Average weight  for a 36" 19mm with 20 lights and battery is 400gm

Check each style for pipe choice.

Go to the Campaign

Rainbow's pipe

All Rainbow's Travel and Poly pipe has glitter within the pipe

This differentiates us from other hoop makers, it also adds a shiney sheen.

Our pipe is extruded for us to our specification, so it is quite unique

                         Hoop Pipe in hot climates

If you are taking your hoop on holiday, do remember the heat can make pipe weaker causing it to snap more easily.