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About Us


Well, where do i begin ?

We're hula hoop  hand crafters, based in Worcester, England.


Worcester is an old market city where the battle of  Worcester was fought in the 1600's. ( and still re-enacted). It is steeped in historic buildings, dissected by the river Severn and surrounded by hills most notably the Malverns.

So in this quiet backdrop we work away.


I'm just a ma who loves making hoopers smile

Even the old ladies i meet at the post office enjoy a reminisce of their hoopng days and then i smile too.


I love the tapes and the finished bound hoop as it swirls in my hand all new and pristine.

A hoop that looks boring when still comes to life when rotated, some sparkle; some change colour; some merge into new hues but best of all the L.E.D. hula hoops twinkle with promise in the daylight and  wow they just explode with life in the dark.

                                                    hoopma  :)


What about us ?

Hoop pa is the mastermind of technology  and creation , but when not making and thinking about hoops he is endlessly cutting the lawn, trimming the hedges and renovating the house.

And me.....when not doing the IT and hoop taping i love gardening, as you can see, I knit absurd slippers, enjoy cooking and adore aqua, yoga and pilates !

Our committment to our family keeps us busy with Gems and Becky popping back home and now  we're spending more time helping my elderly parents.


Of late we have become a host family, looking after students from abroad, who are on school visits or participating in work experience. We have enjoyed the lively presence in our home, even if life becomes rather chaotic at times !



Even the cat helps out ? ..... . . . .                                

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