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Should you have a hoopy want or need let us know and we'll think about

 a solution ...........

Just email the R&D team . . . .  info@rainbow-hoops.com


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     12th December 2018

            A Glance back over time....

              Our hoops have been

on top of the world,

in Mali,

at UKHG in Spain,

on Stage,



To the home of

UK's First and Original LED

Hula Hoops

Selling to UK only

Clare Spiral with Shambollick theatre

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Shipping notice: My Hermes will make 3 attempts to deliver

then they will return to us with a £4 cost.


Please listen out for them :)


Love love love my new hoop thanks so much rainbow hoops! So well made and the lights are so bright! Plenty of settings to scroll through as well. Such good value for money. Lydia March 18


  These guys literally have the best customer service! I have had 3 of their LED hoops which have travelled round the world with me, on different planes, buses etc, been enjoyed at festivals and they have stood up to all that and looked absolutely beautiful If you have any problems whatsoever they are so quick to reply and will help in any way they can. I can't thank them enough for being such a wonderful company to buy from and I wouldn't hesitate to say buy a hoop from them!  Pixie  March 18

Reviews !!

Em with her Kinetic Smart hoop !

100_1160 Mali 3

Fab company ! I ordered my hoop for a gig at extremely late notice but Rainbow Hoops worked hard to get my hoop to me in time and saved the day! Highly recommend! Many thanks Rainbow Hoops!  Ellie  Feb 18

Check out Rose and Gem's sweet video featuring some of the highlights of their gorgeous hoop and movement retreat: Hoop Gathering at Hardwick 2018.

Get your tickets to 2019 edition here: www.hardwickhoopgathering.co.uk


Kay 2 show bec Gem hooping on snow

Super Zen and Beckie available now

Emily's zenith Sky with Beckie hoop

Important announcement


As you may have noticed, our LED hula hoop stocks are running low at Rainbow.

We now carry only a limited amount of hoops as we do not work full-time at Rainbow Hoops.

The reduction in sales, increased costs and cheap imports has made it impossible to now run as a full time business, this has meant we have had to find other work.

As you can see we now have an AirBnB at home and i have opened a Reiki Practice; Craig has a driving job.

We are not sure what the future now holds for Rainbow which has just entered its 10th year of trading,

it may well be the last.

There will only be a limited amount of LED hoops that we will be making in readiness for Christmas, but we recommend buying your hoops as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.


 Warmest regards   Mandy & Craig


Santa Specials have arrived:

All 34" with 12 LEDs

Idea for Gifts

Do not delay,

get your hoop orders in soon :)


Last orders 19th December

Last orders for SMART hoops 17th December

or email beforehand to check

Emma with kinetic 2 Emma with kinetic

Thanks for your efficient

friendly service.....

L Nov 18