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   April 17th 2016

CE mark

Hula hoop for kids:

LED and  bound hoops from Rainbow Hoops all made to CE specification for toy regulations.

And Lab tested too !!

Buy with confidence

in a good quality product and a recognized UK maker

Hazel 8

Your Wonderful  Rainbow  Hula Hoops  


Rainbow Hoops :)

The home of

the UK's

first LED Hula Hoops

josie Clare Spiral with Shambollick theatre

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Gemma with her Gracie Hoop :)

Dawn on beach Chelsea with Gracie S.zen

Victoria with her Super Euphoria

Party Hoop

Gracie with Gemma LW Debbie Super Zen Kate with SMART hoop 2 2015 whitby-hoops 494 EU party hoop victoria Super Eu

Hey Rainbow Hoops, just wanted to post a vid for anyone thinking of buying from you. Get one, don't delay. I love my hoop, and the price! Thank u so much for helping me get my glow on!! well worth the money, I will be back for more

EJ with her Pixie hoop                                                 Feb 2016


Rainbow Hoops has a limited number of special £350 tickets to the UKHG Spanish Hoop Holiday near Girona, Spain from 28th May - 4th June THIS SUMMER!

All food and refreshments included throughout the week, stay in our beautiful luxury poolside mansion, enjoy hoop workshops from world renowned teachers, party nights, dance classes, aerial yoga workshops, mandala drawing, yoga classes and much more!!

All info on www.ukhoopgathering.com

This will be the LAST EVER Spanish Hoop Holiday, so come and play at this very special price!

Gemma L Williams