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July 29th 2016

CE mark

Hula hoop for kids:

LED and  bound hoops from Rainbow Hoops all made to CE specification for toy regulations.

And Lab tested too !!

Buy with confidence

in a good quality product and a recognized UK maker

Hazel 8

Your Wonderful  Rainbow  Hula Hoops  


Rainbow Hoops :)

The home of


first LED Hula Hoops

josie Clare Spiral with Shambollick theatre

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Tina having a night out :)

EU party hoop victoria

Daisy May having a fun hoopy time:)

Early Release Kinetic SMART Hoop

with 85 Lights,

300 mode controller and pop it design

Bargain at £100 + shipping



New SMARTIE Design:

"The affordable Smart hoop for everyone"

Rainbow's SMARTIE LED hoops are The new 'Smart' hoops

Made in - house, here in the UK.

£85 + shipping


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Gemma L Williams Heart red large Tina in Exeter Gem Smart No gig (2) Heart red small

Summer Sale !!


£10 off all Gracie, Becky, Halo and Gems poly hoops.


One off pre-made LEDs from £50


LED Fairy hoops down to £49


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New Kinetic SMART LED