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Should you have a hoopy want or need let us know and we'll think about

 a solution ...........

Just email the R&D team . . . .  info@rainbow-hoops.com


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    13th March 2018

                     A Glance back over time....

              Our hoops have been on top of the world, in Mali, at UKHG in Spain, on Stage,

We've sold them from our pop up and we've made hoops for fun and even for The First Wedding Dance :)



Rainbow Hoops  

The home of

UK's First and Original LED Hula Hoops



Smart hoops available again

from £85


Clare Spiral with Shambollick theatre

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Shipping notice: My Hermes will make 3 attempts to deliver

then they will return to us with a £4 cost.


Please listen out for them :)

Thank you for the wonderful LED hoops. They are well made, solid and reliable but most importantly, they look so lovely.


Both are beautiful in their own different way and they look incredible in a weave together.


Really happy with my purchase.


Thanks again, Nigel.   Christmas 2017

                                                Ebay feedback :)

***My son loves his led hoop. Brilliant customer service too .... shelby

***Excellent, thank you :-) .... bongojoejoe

***M is super helpful and the hoop is v well made. So happy I bought from her!

                                                 ....   skin_supplies

***Thank you....andh38 (

***Thank you. Perfect gift for my niece ....bearthegreat22



Your thoughts :)

Gracie LED hoop £55 only in 33"

Kinetic LED now available for ordering from £99

100_1160 First_dance 2 Lu's wedding Mali 3 Gracie Gemma L Kinetic rainbow by Kat 6 line moving on

So so so so so happy with the service you provided ! Thank you so much  Elli Feb 2018

Gems still has places left for this years HoopGathering Holiday in

Spain !!! Don't miss out  www.ukhoopgathering.com

Thanks so much Mandy, I'm very grateful for your advice and help, and for the speedy postage!


I've actually bought from you before - an LED hoop a few years ago - and I have no doubt I will again. In the meantime, I'll continue recommending you to everyone!


Best wishes,