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1st February 2016

CE mark

Hula hoop for kids:

LED and  bound hoops from Rainbow Hoops all made to CE specification for toy regulations.

And Lab tested too !!

Buy with confidence

in a good quality product and a recognized UK maker

Hazel 8

Your Wonderful  Rainbow  Hula Hoops  


Rainbow Hoops :)

The home of

the UK's

first LED Hula Hoops

josie Clare Spiral with Shambollick theatre Facebook circle blue large

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Kate's SMART Hoop

Dawn on beach


Choose from Rainbow's glitter travel pipe or Poly-pro pipe

Choose 85cm  or 90cm   Choose 85 or 170 lights:

Amazing brightness

Tiny controller for over 300 modes.

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Chelsea with Gracie S.zen

Victoria with her Super Euphoria

Party Hoop

Gracie with Gemma LW


As sales are seaonally slower, we have decided to devote some time to projects. Orders will now be sent out only on the Monday of each week:

1st February

8th February

15th February

22nd February

Should you have a hoop emergency do email and of course we wil help out:


ALL Fairy hoops and Sweet shop hoops are ready for next day dispatch

Debbie Super Zen Sarah's Gem hoop Sarah 3 gem hoop Sarah's 2 gem hoop Kate with SMART hoop 2 2015 whitby-hoops 494 EU party hoop victoria Super Eu